The business case

We sell things on the web to people we never speak to.

We deal with colleagues on e mail.

We get the information we need to do our job in memos and messages from people we might not see all week.

But a lot of the writing we see at work is over long, full of waffle, and bogged down by jargon. And it’s often boring when the job it really needs to do is inspire a customer or a colleague to do something.

Business and the public sector – it’s a problem for both of them.

But in some places, including in the UK’s biggest companies, they’re doing something about it. They’ve realised that training their people to write more crisply saves them money. Concise writing makes offices run more smoothly. Big firms have also found that they sell more when their language to customers is human and direct.  And when something goes wrong, a well written reply to the complaint can sort things out at low cost before the file starts to bulge.